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We started Kent Fresh Doorstep Delivery delivering fruit and veg to those that would prefer not to go to the supermarkets. 

We would leave in the middle of the night and take the trip up to London to wade through produce at the market and find good quality fruit and veg. We soon became obsessed with high quality local produce, after noticing that a large amount of the fruit and veg available in the area were sourced from the same market, we wanted to shop local, as local as possible whenever we could!

After a lot of visits to farms of all types and sizes we managed to build an amazing list of local, Kent providers that we now use to source the majority of our fruit, veg, bread and eggs.


We are as obsessed now with finding high quality, tasty, local produce as we were when we started. Our aim to have our produce almost completely sourced from Kent where possible. 


We hope you enjoy our produce as much as we enjoy sourcing it. 

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