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  • How do I place an order?
    There are 2 ways to do this: - Order through the online site - Order through our Facebook page @kentfreshdelivery
  • What boxes do you sell?
    We have a selection of boxes, which are added to regularly. We aim to keep our produce fresh and exciting!
  • What's in the box?
    Boxes are different each week/month depending on what is the freshest produce at the time :) We do however list some items that are regulars in each box on our product page (although even our regulars can vary) If you would like to know 100% whats in the box youve ordered please message the day before you order and we will do our best to confirm the products.
  • Do you cover all of Kent?
    Sadly, no. We are based in South East Kent, and cannot deliver outside of our current areas just yet :) We currently deliver to: Thanet Herne Bay Whitstable Canterbury Faversham And all areas in between.
  • What days do you deliver?
    Our delivery days are on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. We kindly ask that all orders are put through by 8:30pm for next day delivery.
  • Is your produce Organic?
    Our produce is not organic, due to many reasons our farmers have decided not to go down the organic route. The produce is however direct from the farm and grown as tasty as possible.
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